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June 7th Shark Boy beats Mo Money AKA Ox Harley!!!
5-2 Mercedes Beats Ox Harley In Final HPW Mtach!!!!
2-01-03 Ox Harley wins HPW Title and Defends the same night in a blood bath battle with Moondog Fido! Mercedes faces new Challenge from Whipme Spears!!
01/04/03 Badd Conexxtion Saves Jerry Wilson From Ox Harley! Now Fan Favorites!! 

12/4/02: "D-Day 2002" Mercedes Wins HPW Ladies Title!!!

11/2/02: "Ox Harley-Rocky Johnson Battle Badd Connexxtion 

10/5/02: "The Rocks" Dad "Rocky Johnson" in HPW!! 
"Soulman" Comes to HPW!!!
9/7/02: Lexie Fyfe and Navajo Warrior debut in HPW!!! 5/11/02: 8/18/02: WWF Star "The Birdman" KOKO B WARE Works in HPW!! Ware Teams with Ox Hrley to battle Sands and Lovins!! 4/20/02: "Vicious Saturday" American Kickboxer defeated Ricky Ruckus Jesse Houston defeated Dave Dynasty Chris Blaze/Jack Manson defeated Austin James/American Kickboxer Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus defeated Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada Tommy Ray Sands defeated Scotty Lovins Doug Gilbert/Ricky Murdock defeated Ox Harley/Ron Rage 4/6/02: "Awesome April" Tiny Tim defeated Dr Love Jesse Houston defeated Dave Dynasty Renegade drew John York Chris Blaze/Jack Manson defeated Psycho/Big Dada Austin James/Scotty Lovins defeated Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus Tommy Ray Sands defeated Chris Krueger Ricky Murdock defeated Michael Shane 3/2/02: "King's Revenge" Donald Dynasty won a battle royal Wampus Cat defeated Deion Dynasty Chris Blaze/Jack Manson defeated Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus & Big Dada/Barlow Whatley Jesse Houston/Psycho defeated Dave Dynasty/Scotty Lovins Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Austin James Tiny Tim defeated Mercedes Tommy Ray Sands drew Michael Shane Tommy Rich/Ox Harley defeated Doug Gilbert/Ricky Murdock 2/2/02: "Dynasty On Fire" Jake Hogg defeated John York Austin James defeated Wampus Cat Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus defeated Chris Blaze/Jack Manson Tiny Tim defeated Mike Winters Big Dada/Barlow Whatley defeated Tello Ozeata/Ric Cox Ricky Murdock/Austin James defeated Tommy Ray Sands/Doug Gilbert 1/5/02: "2002: Pay Your Dues" Morbid defeated Wampus Cat Tello Ozeata defeated Ricky Ruckus Psycho defeated Chris Blaze Joey Venture defeated Mercedes Michael Shane defeated Tiny Tim Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada/Barlow Whatley defeated Ricky Murdock/Austin James/Scotty Lovins Tommy Ray Sands defeated Dave Dynasty 12/1/01: "December Dog Days" Jake Hogg/Chip Studly defeated Morbid/Billy Black Tom & Troy VanZant defeated Chris Blaze/Jack Manson and John York/Tello Ozeata Mercedes defeated Angel Starfire Psycho defeated Blade Mercedes/Pyro defeated Area 51/Lurch Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada/Barlow Whatley defeated Doug Gilbert/Scotty Lovins/Jimi Tyndal Dave Dynasty defeated Tommy Ray Sands 11/3/01: "November To Surrender" Tom & Troy VanZant defeated John York/Tello Ozeata Wampus Cat defeated Morbid Scotty Lovins/Chip Studly defeated Diablo/Son Of Satan Tommy Ray Sands defeated Dave Dynasty Psycho defeated Bobby Black Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada defeated Chris Blaze/Jack Manson Tommy Ray Sands/Psycho defeated Dave Dynasty/Jimi Tyndal 10/6/01: "Halloween Doubletake" Chris Blaze/Jack Manson/Jimi Tyndal defeated John York/Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus Johnny Law/????? defeated ?????/????? Renegade defeated Iranian Assassin Scotty Lovins drew Chip Studly Tommy Ray Sands defeated Ox Harley Dave Dynasty defeated Psycho Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada defeated Jesse Houston/Barlow Whatley Tommy Ray Sands/Ox Harley defeated Ricky Murdock/Austin James 9/8/01: "September Swerve" John York/Tello Ozeata/Ricky Ruckus defeated Chris Blaze/Jack Manson/Diablo Scotty Lovins defeated Barlow Whatley JR & JH Hogg defeated Dave Dynasty/Jimi Tyndal Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston defeated Psycho/Mercedes/Renegade Mr Big defeated Pyro Bobo Brazil Jr/Big Dada defeated John York/Tello Brian Beach defeated Sam Cody Tommy Ray Sands defeated Ox Harley 8/5/01: "August Assualt" Chris Blaze/Jack Manson defeated John York/Tello Ozeata Big Dada/Renegade defeated Diablo/Jake Hogg Psycho defeated Johnny Law Mercedes defeated Tiny Tim Tommy Ray Sands defeated Ricky Murdock Scotty Lovins defeated Ox Harley Ox Harley defeated Scotty Lovins BoBo Brazil Jr defeated Barlow Whatley 7/14/01: "July Jam" Scotty Lovins won a battle royal Chris Blaze/Jack Manson defeated Big Dada/Diablo Mercedes defeated Pyro Dave Dynasty defeated Jesse Houston and Renegade Spellbinder defeated Ricky Murdock Ox Harley defeated Bobo Brazil Jr Grandmaster Sexay/Doug Gilbert defeated Ronnie Vegas/Austin James 6/24/01: "Luck of the Draw" Psycho defeated Johnny Law Pyro/Barlow Whatley defeated Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Big Dada Ox Harley/Tommy Ray Sands defeated Scotty Lovins/Wampus Cat Ronnie Vegas/Austin James defeated Chris Blaze/Jack Manson Mercedes defeated Psycho 6/9/01: "Rage In The Cage" Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins defeated Wampus Cat/Jake Hogg Chris Blaze/Jack Manson drew Big Dada/Jimi Tyndal Barlow Whatley defeated Ronnie Vegas The Renegade defeated Jesse Houston Psycho/Mercedes defeated Roy Presley/Pyro Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Austin James & Ricky Murdock Doug Gilbert defeated Ox Harley 5/12/01: "Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" Jimi Tyndal defeated Jack Manson Wampus Cat/Jake Hogg defeated Tommy Ray Sands/Scotty Lovins Jesse Houston/Butch Barrett defeated Big Dada/Barlow Whatley Psycho defeated Chris Blaze Ricky Murdock defeated Roy Presley Pyro defeated Mercedes Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Austin James Ox Harley defeated Ronnie Vegas 4/22/01: "Give the Kids the World" Jake Hogg defeated Loki Scotty Lovins/Tommy Ray Sands/Mike Winters defeated Paul Pilson/Wampus Cat/Morbid Big Dada/Barlow Whatley/Jimmy Tindell defeated Jesse Houston/Butch Barrett/Dave Dynasty Ox Harley defeated Tracey Smothers Chris Blaze defeated Psycho and Jack Manson Ronnie Vegas/Austin James defeated Bobo Brazil Jr/Mike Winters 4/7/01: "Aprilmania" Jack Manson defeated Loki Jesse Houston/Butcher Barrett drew Big Dada/Barlow Whatley Scotty Lovins/Chip Studly/Tommy Ray Sands/Jerry Wilson defeated Paul Pilson/Wampus Cat/Morbid/Terry Jones Justin Sane defeated Psycho Roy Presley defeated Jake Hogg Mercedes defeated Tiny Tim Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Austin James Doug Gilbert drew Ronnie Vegas 3/3/01: "March Massacre" Big Dada won a battle royal Justin Sane defeated Jack Manson Tommy Ray Sands/Scotty Lovins/Big Dada defeated Jesse Houston/Butch Barrett/Paul Pilson Psycho defeated Gabriel Marx Dave Dynasty defeated Psycho Jerry Wilson defeated Dave Dynasty Roy Presley defeated Spazz Mercedes defeated Pyro Ricky Murdoch defeated Steve Dunn 2/3/01: "No Love Lost" Tommy Ray Sands defeated Paul Pilsner Chip Studly/American Gigolo defeated Wampus Cat/Morbid Mr Big defeated Dave Dynasty Big Dada defeated Spazz Justin Sane defeated Jesse Houston and Jack Manson Psycho drew Tommy Ray Sands Ricky Murdoch drew Ox Harley Jerry Wilson/Bobo Brazil Jr/Deputy Dog defeated Ronnie Vegas/Austin James/TJ Powers 1/6/01: "2001 Space Odyssey" Ox Harley defeated Wampus Cat/Morbid Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins defeated Justin Sane/Jack Manson Mercedes defeated Pyro Mr Big won a battle royal Ronnie Vegas/Austin James defeated Jesse Houston/Big Dada Psycho defeated Tommy Ray Sands Bobo Brazil Jr defeated TJ Powers 12/2/00: "Hardcore Holiday" Justin Sane/Jack Manson defeated Tommy Ray Sands/Barlow Whatley Jesse Houston defeated Spazz Big Dada defeated Chip Studly Psycho defeated Roy Presley TJ Powers defeated Ronnie Vegas & Austin James Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Ox Harley Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Doug Gilbert 11/11/00: "November Knockout" Psycho/Tommy Ray Sands defeated Justin Sane/Jack Manson The Misfit drew The Wampus Cat Jesse Houston defeated The Renegade TJ Powers/Austin James defeated Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins Barlow Whatley/Mike Winters defeated Dave Dynasty/Big Dada Peaches defeated Sin-D Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Ox Harley 10/21/00: "Halloween Dangerzone" The Renegade defeated Big Dada/Dave Dynasty Barlow Whatley defeated Vinny Vachetti Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins defeated Justin Sane/Jack Manson Jesse Houston defeated Ricky Murdoch Roy Presley defeated Ox Harley TJ Powers/Austin James defeated Psycho/Tommy Ray Sands Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich defeated Bobo Brazil Jr/Ox Harley 10/1/00: "Mary Slam Jam 2000" Dave Dynasty defeated The Butcher Psycho/Tommy Ray Sands defeated Loose Screws and Hollywood Swingers Jesse Houston defeated The Renegade The Renegade won a battle royal Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Lonny Lee 9/17/00: "September Slam" Jack Manson defeated Justin Sane The Butcher defeated The Misfit Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston/Vinny Vachetti defeated Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins/Renegade Lonny Lee defeated Tommy Ray Sands Roy Presley defeated Psycho Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Ronnie Vegas 8/12/00: "To The Extreme" The Renegade defeated Jesse Houston Roy Presley defeated BA Skynyrd Justin Sane defeated Jack Manson Psycho defeated Lonny Lee Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Austin James Ronnie Vegas defeated Deputy Dog Sabu and Tommy Rich wrestled to a draw 8/11/00: "Brown County Bash" Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins defeated Dave Dynasty/Jesse Houston Justin Sane defeated Jack Manson Roy Presley defeated BA Skynyrd Psycho defeated Highlander Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Lonny Lee Tommy Rich defeated Ronnie Vegas 7/22/00: "July Jam" Chip Studly/Scotty Lovins defeated Butcher/Assassin Jesse Houston defeated Renegade Roy Presley/Itch Coma Weider defeated BA Skynyrd/Nate Webb Psycho defeated Lonny Lee Bout It Kid/Brad Lamen defeated Justin Sane/Jack Manson TJ Powers/Austin James defeated Deputy Dog/Bobo Brazil Jr. Ronnie Vegas defeated Brett Gunn 6/24/00: "Wrestlebowl" Dave Dynasty won a ten man battle royal Jesse Houston defeated The Butcher TJ Powers/Austin James defeated Lonny Lee/Roy Presley Psycho/Itch Coma Weider drew Bout It Kid/Brad Lamen Ronnie Vegas and Deputy Dog wrestled to a no-decision 5/27/00: "500 Madness" Psycho defeated Bout It Kid Doink 2000 defeated The Butcher John York defeated The Misfit Itch Coma Weider defeated Tello Robert McPhearson/Jimmy Killkillia defeated Jim E. & Mike E. Brews Roy Presley defeated Sam Cody Bout It Kid/Adam Gooch defeated Psycho/Brad Lamen Bobo Brazil Jr defeated Deputy Dog 4/30/00: "Aprilmania" Genocide drew The Misfit Roy Presley defeated Adam Gooch Robert McPhearson/Jimmy Killkillia defeated John York/Tello TJ Powers/Austin James drew Robert McPhearson/Jimmy Killkillia Adam Gooch defeated The Misfit Ronnie Vegas defeated Bobo Brazil Jr 4/1/00: "Awesome April Roy Presley defeated Dr Love Doink 2000/The Misfit defeated John York/Tello Damaja defeated Rip Rogers Ronnie Vegas defeated The Shadow Psycho drew Bout It Kid & Brad Lamen 3/4/00: "March Mayhem" Psycho defeated Dr Love Jack Frisco defeated Sgt York Roy Presley defeated Lonny Lee The Shadow defeated Insane Bobo Brazil Jr defeated The Heartthrob Bout It Kid defeated Brad Lamen Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert defeated TJ Powers/Austin James Deputy Dog/Bobo Brazil Jr drew TJ Powers/Austin James 2/5/00: "February Brawl" TJ Powers/Austin James defeated Jim E. & Mike E. Brews Genocide defeated Sgt York Doink 2000 defeated Lonny Lee The Shadow defeated Dr Love Bout It Kid defeated Psycho Deputy Dog/Bobo Brazil Jr/Roy Presley drew TJ Powers/Austin James/Ronnie Vegas 1/8/00: "Tribute to the King" Sgt York defeated Ronnie Vegas Jack Frisco defeated Tello Bout It Kid defeated Eric Draven The Rebel defeated Psyhco Roger Blade/Justin Sane defeated Dr Love/Austin Steele Deputy Dog/Bobo Brazil Jr defeated TJ Powers/Austin James Roy Presley defeated Ronnie Vegas 12/19/99: "Christmas Chaos" Results not available 11/27/99: "Thanksgiving Thunder" Results not available 11/7/99: "November Knockout" The Misfit defeated The Rebel Tello defeated John York Psycho defeated Lonny Lee Austin Steele defeated Jack Frisco Eric Draven/Roger Blade defeated Dude Kind/Justin Sane Robert McPhearson/Jimmy Killkilia defeated JL & JH Hogg Deputy Dog defeated Ronnie Vegas 10/10/99: "October Fest" Tello defeated Eric Draven El Morow defeated El Gavalan Austin Steele/Jerry Wilson defeated Jack Frisco/Loki Kenny Nash defeated JH Hogg Roger Blade/Brad Lamen defeated Eric Draven/John York Deputy Dog defeated Ronnie Vegas in a street fight Older results not available... if you have any card results that are missing, e-mail them to the webmaster!