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HPW Light Heavyweight Title

Won by Won from Location Date
Lonny Lee ----- Columbus, IN 00.00.98
Eric Draven The Rebel Columbus, IN 00.00.98 (1)
The Misfit Eric Draven Columbus, IN 00.00.99
The 'Bout It Kid Eric Draven Columbus, IN 01.08.00 (2)
Psycho The 'Bout It Kid Columbus, IN 07.22.00 (3)
Roy Presley Psycho Columbus, IN 09.17.00
Psycho Roy Presley Columbus, IN 12.02.00
Dave Dynasty Psycho Columbus, IN 03.03.01
Jerry Wilson Dave Dynasty Columbus, IN 03.03.01
Mercedes Tiny Tim Columbus, IN 03.03.01 (4)
Tiny Tim Mercedes Columbus, IN 04.22.01
Mercedes Pyro Columbus, IN 07.14.01
Tiny Tim Mercedes Columbus, IN 03.02.02

1. Lonny Lee began competing for the HPW Heavyweight Title, and forfeited his Light Heavyweight Title. Draven defeated The Rebel in a tournament final to win the vacant title.
2. Misfit stripped of title for failure to appear. 'Bout It Kid defeated Draven in a tournament final to win the vacant title
3. After announcing his departure from the HPW, The 'Bout It Kid hands the title over to the number one contender, Psycho
4. Jerry Wilson announced that since he was not a wrestler, he would vacate the title. He proclaimed the winner of the Mercedes -vs- Tiny Tim match would win the title.