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This list is a list of AOL Instant Messanger screen names of HPW wrestlers, staff, and fans. This is a tool to enable all associated with the HPW to be able to communicate on line. If this is abused, and wrestlers or fans are being hassled, the list will be removed the website. If you are a HPW wrestler or fan, and want your screen name added to the list please send us an e-mail!

If you do not have AOL Instant Messanger, it can be downloaded from this website! It's free and easy, and enables you communicate with other HPW wrestlers and fans!

AOL Instant Messanger Screeen Names

Bill Brown Fan Blazer3112
Chris Smallwood Fan prettystupididjit32
Dave Dynasty Wrestler DaveDynasty
Jason Harding Referee RefHarding123
Jake Hogg Wrestler hjdhogg
Mercedes Wrestler Jillian20h
Mrs Sign Guy 1 Fan Dksgirl10
Tiny Tim Wrestler Tim222h
Sign Guy 2 Fan SignGuyTwo
Diablo Wrestler jimityndal
Jerry Wilson Promoter JerryHPWKing